ISO Izod Notched Impact Strength test

This test is used to investigate the behaviour and for estimating the brittleness or toughness of
specimens within the limitations inherent in the test conditions.

PA6 - 4.0rv = High Viscosity Nylon
PA6 - 2.7rv = Medium Viscosity Nylon
PP - High Impact = Typical Polypropylene

The Izod Impact strength test of a notched specimen is an International Standard test. The test specimen, supported as a vertical cantilever beam is broken by a single swing of a pendulum, with the line of impact at a fixed distance from the specimen clamp and, in the case of notched specimens, from the centreline of the notch The Impact energy absorbed in breaking a notched specimen is referred to the original cross sectional area of the specimen at the notch. A pendulum strikes the face containing the notch. The result is expressed in Kilojoules per square millimetre.

Source:ISO 180 Plastics-Determination of Izod impact strength

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